Help with "Real Cinema" mode on LG OLED

Configuration guides recommend this setting be on as it:

“matches the TV’s refresh rate to 24 frames per second, which makes what you’re watching look more like what you’d see in a theater.”

While using this setting with the V4K, it seems to introduce the “soap opera effect”. I hope its this anyway, since everything else is turned off (aka “motion processing” eurgh.).

Can anyone advise, i know the V4K has some options to do with refresh rate and stuff.

The only worrying this is “real cinema” gets locked on with HDR content.

The reason the “Real Cinema” always is on for HDR is because of the picture mode you chose. I assume it is “Cinema”.

Instead of “Cinema” use “Professional 1” or “Professional 2” (or one of the Standard modes, depending on the exact set you have). They give you more control over the settings instead of having some post processing you might not be able to turn off.

Also these are the modes that allow for proper color calibration. With a nice LG OLED you want to get it calibrated so the display is even more awesome. Friend has an E7. Such a great set because of the supported peak brightness while still maintaining a uniform picture and good viewing angles (compared to the Sammy Q9F or Sony X930). The C7 is also sweet (same panel, but more variance between individual sets). The LG OLEDs are IMHO the best overall displays you can currently buy.

"Real Cinema "is intended to do a pulldown on 60Hz material to get 23.976fps out of it, read for TV broadcasts and should do nothing with 23.976fps in theory. But it does…


  • Enable Refresh Rate Changing on the Vero, so that it tells the TV “Hey, something with X frames per seconds is coming up, pls. switch to a matching processing mode”.

  • Do NOT turn on “sync to display”. This feature is for displays not supporting various refresh rates.

  • Turn off any prost processing like TruMotion and RealCinema. You might need to switch to another preset to have full control over the settings in some modes.

I believe you’re mistaken, the “modes” available for HDR content is greatly reduced and i don’t believe the ones you list are options. I’ll double check tonight though, i’m sure i remember being worried that RC was forced on for all HDR modes.

But many thanks, this is really helpful. I’ll turn off RC, and TM was of course already off.

Real cinema is for forcing 24hz for 24fps movies, which you should anyways. What you need to change is your tru-motion settings on your TV while in hdr mode. Turning it off will remove all smoothing (soap opera) but might introduce som jitter. You can use user mode and fine tune it to your liking.

Well if RC is forced upon you in every mode in HDR content, then you could try to active TM and set Dejudder 0 and Deblur to 0 (deblur 1 debateable). In theory TM should win over RC.

You can also try game mode, as gamers want no processing for input lag and other things manufacturer usually disable all post processing here. Though more work to calibrate properly as the preset is usually way compared to what you want.

One big problem is that LG doesn’t say what RC really does. It’s their bag of post processing tricks and they are not disclosing it exactly beside that people can obviously see. And it varies between sets a lot in my experience. They only advertise some basics…

Well, let me know if found some mode that gives you the control you need / able to solve the problem.

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Real cinema is for forcing 24hz for 24fps movies, which you should anyways.

This. Leave Real Cinema on, turn off dejudder. Common advice is set deblur to 10 and dejudder to 0 in “user tru-motion settings.” I’ve never been able to notice any difference with deblur either way, but even very low dejudder settings have dramatic impact, and in some kinds of video (especially animation) cause horrible digital artifacts. I just leave it off.

It can take a little while to get used to watching real 24fps on your TV - there’s judder inherent in watching it non-interlaced at this frame rate, like a real movie - but once you do you’ll never want to go back.

There’s a ton of discussions on this sort of thing video enthusiast forums like

I don’t like the soapy look but I also don’t like the judder so I think I have it set to 1 or 2 dejudder which looks fine to me.