Help with the smb problem

I connected the disk via smb files .and via ssh i see it. but they are not added to the collection via Html

The information you provided is quite thin but if iā€™m understanding you correctly you made a mount point in the OS but are not seeing it in Kodi. You will need to add the mount you created to Kodi as a source path and setup a scraper for it. Please see the Kodi wiki for further details.

I have a remote RP. I successfully connected a network drive. When I log in via ssh, I see the disk and files. However, when you try to add files via the http interface to the playlist, the system does not see them. And unfortunately, there is no direct access to the system. How can I add a video source remotely ?

Playlists only work with items scraped into a library so without you configuring a source and setting up a scraper this is expected behavior. You could add a source path remotely by manually editing ~/.kodi/userdata/sources.xml and restarting mediacenter but I am not aware of any way to set content via terminal or the web interface so that the source you added would be scraped.

Thank you very much everything worked out!

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