Help with username already taken (which is my old username)

Hi @sam_nazarko

I used to go with the username hbbs, but I stopped accessing this forums.

Today I noticed that I was given another username hbbs1.

Could you help me please, reassociate my OSMC store credentials with my username hbbs?

Maybe you still remember me. I’m your client from Brazil who still have issues with my resolution 1920x1200 running a Vero 4k.

Please, let me know.



See Information about your OSMC account

You need to make an account with the old email

I will try create an account with the email address I’ve used to access this forum.

That will restore access to your old username. Make sure you log out first from the forum

Is saying that hbbs username is not available

I am doing it on a private tab session.

I just want to delete this hbbs1 and kept my old hbbs username.

If you make a new account with your old email, it will automatically log you in to your old account.

The post I linked to explains it

But it is asking me for an preferred username.

I will try creating an account with a random username.

That is a username for your My OSMC account and is not related to your display name on the forum which can be different.

Some people like to use a nickname etc

@sam_nazarko thanks. I have sent you a PM from my old username.

You will probably remember me best from there.

Hi Sam.

it’s me Hebert. I used to go by the nickname hbbs on the forums. But somehow it changed to hbbs1 and now following your guide to enter with my old emal it created another nickname hbbs2.

I honestly don’t know what is happening. I only wish to use my old account that has all my conversations with you regarding the resolution problem that I encountered with my Vero 4k.

If you remember me, could you please tell me some news about this issue.

And please, if possible, could you assign this account - that has the email I subscribed to OSMC Store and order using it - to the other forum account?

the email in question is (that’s the one inserted on OSMC Store)

I don’t know if you noticed but I have stopped entering OSMC Forums because of this login issues.

Please, let me know. I will hopefully get a reply from you and soon as I receive a notification there, I will come here.

I’ve hidden your email from your post. I’ll look in to this for you.

@hbbs is registered to an email registered with a domain ending in .net.

If you make an account with that email address and validate your account, you will be logged in to @hbbs again.

I have some updates on the resolution issues you experienced.




I’m logged with that email account.

on My Account dashboard it is saying that my username is hbbs.

But over here clearly it isn’t.

You seem to have used the hushmail address

No. This is the issue.

I have logged in used the email ending .net

My Account Dashboard is saying that I am hbbs (which is attached to this .net ending mail address)

But as soon as I enter the forums it changes to hbbs1 and this hushmail address is exactly the one I used.

You see I never got to merge the accounts. I had an email address on the store (hushmail) which i have used to purchase my Vero 4k and the one ending .net I used to register an account a long time ago to use the OSMC Forums.

This is the issue in question here.


The ideal is to keep hushmail as email address but using hbbs as forum username.

I am going to try to delete this hbbs1 account