HEVC 1080p on Raspberry Pi 3

I’ve downloaded some videos that I’d like to play on my RPi3 (hevc 1080p mac surround), but I’m not having any luck. I press play and the audio starts but the OS just remains on the file selection menu. I tried pressing tab and all that does is bring up a blank screen. The audio then drops out after a few seconds.

Any suggestions?

I’m currently running the latest version of Kodi.

The Rpi 3 only support HEVC by Software, and 1080p HEVC is a bit to much for the RPi3.

My suggestion would be buy an Vero4K


That’s pretty much what I thought. Vero4K is the goal anyway, I was just hoping there’s be a little trick to let me watch this stuff today on my Pi.

I think only 1080p hevc with low bitrate may work. 720p hevc should play fine. A heatsink may be required or leave top of case open.