Hevc aac audio tracks missing

Hi all,

I’m trying to play 1080 10bit hevc file with an aac audio track. I seem to only get one audio track playing from my home theatre sound system. It’s the background music with no speech. It’s occurring on multiple files.

My amp supports dts and Dolby digital. I tried having pass through unchecked and checked.

Can anyone help?

Try enable AC3 transcoding and passthrough.
Make sure audio is set to HDMI not PCM

Under system> audio I have pass through enabled with Dolby digital ac3 and dts capable receiver enabled. Nothing for ac3 transcoding?

You might need to make sure you have Expert Settings on, so that everything is visible


Managed to find it as I had set number of channels to 5.1 which hides the transcoding option. Changing it to 2.0 re enabled it. And now it works!

Happy days!