HEVC HDR10 UHD Movie not playing - busy circle

dear Community,
i would like to ask if this file is “playable” on vero 4k+?
whenever i try to play it, “busy” appears on the top left corner and nothing happens.

tech info about the file:

Full Name: D: \ Anime \ Kimi no Na wa. 4K-UltraHD (BDRemux_3840x2160) \ [Anime-BD] Kimi no Na wa. 4K-UltraHD (BDRemux 3840x2160 HEVC HDR DTS-HDMA) .mkv
Format: Matroska
Format Version: Version 4 / Version 2
File size: 48.1 GiB
Duration: 1 hour
Total data rate: 64.6 Mbps
Encoded on UTC 2018-01-02 05:57:55
Encoding software: mkvmerge v19.0.0 (‘Brave Captain’) 64-bit
Encoding directory: libebml v1.3.5 + libmatroska v1.4.8

Track number: 1
Format: HEVC
Format / Data: High Efficiency Video Coding
Format_Commercial_IfAny: HDR10
Format Profile: Main 10 @ L5.1 @ High
Duration: 1 hour
Data rate: 61.0 Mbps
Width: 3,840 pixels
Height: 2,160 pixels
Aspect ratio: 16: 9
Frame Rate Mode: Constant
Frame Rate: 23.976 (24000/1001) FPS
Standard: Component
ColorSpace: YUV
ChromaSubsampling / String: 4: 2: 0 (Type 2)
BitDepth / String: 10 bit
Bit / (pixels * frames): 0.307
Stream Size: 45.4 GiB (94%)
Default: Yes
Forced: no
colour_range: Limited
colour_primaries: BT.2020
transfer_characteristics: PQ
matrix_coefficients: BT.2020 non-constant
MasteringDisplay_ColorPrimaries: BT.709
MasteringDisplay_Luminance: min: 0.0000 cd / m2, max: 10000 cd / m2
MaxCLL: 4996 cd / m2
MaxFALL: 297 cd / m2

thank you in advance

Are you sure the file is not somehow corrupted the duration of the movie is supposed to be 1 hour and 46 minutes. Your media info just says 1 hour

Where are you playing it from? 65Mbit/s is quite high if playing through wifi for example.

Thank you for the quick answer, i’ ve verified the torrent from the gui, all looks ok, the file size is also ok. I suspect the tech nfo might be inaccurate. The mkv plays fine on my pc.

Hi Graham,
I’m using gigabit cable on vero4k, so i assume it is ok.

I just played the 4k remux of Kimi no Na wa and my copy plays fine over ethernet. I have a 1080p TV but that shouldn’t matter.

I can make a sample for greg to test to exclude file coruption

You are a star!
In the meantime, i’ve uploaded the logs

Thank you so much

here is a 90s sample : http://www.mediafire.com/file/jvwbsgce8r4pava/sample-004.mkv/file

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Thank you, checking.

Thanks again, works beautifully. Playing fine.
I think I try my download again (full movie)
This is a fantastic community!!!

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Glad I could help