Hi-10bit anime using Vero4k+

Hi Sam,

I’ve tried a few Hi10 anime which has some bad stutter/dropped frames. Checking previous posts indicate that its a software codec and requires a beefy cpu but you also mentioned it should play fine using the Vero4K+. Is this the case or did i misunderstand? If so, is there something that needs to be enabled or set in the settings?


@4kjunk I think you misunderstood. Hi10p was never supported by Vero.

Meaning videos encoded on h264 using hi-10 bit will not play properly as its being handled as software rendering not hardware meaning the cpu utilization will peak at 100% depending on the video resolution and can cause it to overheat causing shutdown, I would recommend using a handbrake or something something like it to re-code videos to h264 8 bit or to h265 8 or 10 bit.