Hide files does not work for "automount templates" section in smb.conf

Hi Guys,

Section “automount template” have a “hide files” feature, but seems not work. Any entry continues browseable, like - $RECYCLE.BIN, System Volume Information -
If i put “hide files = some_folder” in “osmc” section, works normally.
Why for automount template does not?
Here is my smb.conf:



We stopped using automount templates a while ago to avoid some crashes on some systems. The issue may be fixed now and it may be possible for us to restore this template.

@marcosvfc Hi,

you can move/copy the line

hide files = /$RECYCLE.BIN/System Volume Information/desktop.ini/thumbs.db/

to the [global] section within /etc/samba/smb.conf.
Then it is valid for all samba services including automounts.

Also, look at smb.conf and search+compare the difference of using hide files = and veto files =

Sam, thanks for replying.
I asked because i did a fresh install of osmc and I installed Samba Server through App Store.The “automount templates” were there, by default.

I will try another way to auto share these drives plugged in my rpi across my network. I do not want to share some folders like “Backup, System” that i created on one of these drives.


Hi @JimKnopf ,

This could be a possibility, but my user “osmc” (as admin) also would not access these folders on the network. My intention was to create a new Samba User to give access only for “automount template” and, in fact, use “veto files” in this section. I tried both {hide,veto} files, doesn’t work.