Hide new version of existing movie from unwatched


When Radarr downloads a better copy of an existing film that I’ve already watched, it again shows up in recently added and status is changed to unwatched. I can change this manually but then trakt has an incorrect record of my view

Any idea?


The status isn’t “changing” to unwatched. Kodi stores watched status by file name and your new copy is using a different file path than the old copy that had its watched status set. You could overwrite the old file and then watched status wouldn’t change but that then leads to a different issue in that Kodi will not go looking for changed mediainfo. To overcome this without having to refresh mediainfo you would need to remove the old video file, then run a clean video library, then add the new file using the same file path, and then update the video library. Obviously all this extra mucking about is probably more time and effort than just manually setting something as watched manually.

As far as the Trakt comes in I’m a bit confused. It has the options to either sync the watched status back or not doesn’t it? If you wanted to new copy of a movie you had watched to also get set as watched then Trakt should be able to do that for you as it is matching by the movie/episode and not by the file name like Kodi does.

Path is the same but you are right file name does change slightly and therefore is seen as a new media.

Re trakt, if I want to hide the newer version of the pre-existing folder, the only option is mark watched. This means whenever the file gets upgraded, i’ll have mulptiple instances of it being watched (when I haven’t) in my trakt account.

It’s no biggie , just something that was bugging my OCD! Thanks anyhow

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There may or may not be a versioning feature coming to maybe some version of the next major Kodi release that, if it gets added, probably will add a whole new dimension to what has been tickling your OCD. Something to look forward to… :grin:

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