Hide watched episodes?

Is it possible to hide watched episodes from the recently added TV episodes on the main page?


Need too !

@sam_nazarko, any suggestions?

What skin?

The new OSMC skin for Krypton.

I’m having the same issues despite activating the setting of: hide watched items in video widgets. This setting was under the skin settings. Is this an isolated problem?

It’s the same for me, “hide watched episodes” in the widget settings doesn’t help. We are at least a few with the same problem.

Is this a “feature” for everyone with the skin, a setting we have missed or an error that only affects a few?

@simonbrunton and @BobCrachett: The skin is beautiful(!) any everything else works, but this detail is quite frustrating. Do you have any suggestions?

The default widget for the tv shows menu item is powered by the recently added episodes library node. As such, it’s not possible to configure whether watched episodes appear in this widget or not.

However, the menu item is fully customisable so it’s easy enough to assign an alternative recent episodes widget to the menu item. From Skin Settings “Enable menu customisation” if necessary - this will install the Skin Shortcuts script if it is not already installed, and then (or straight away, if the script is already installed) “Customise Home Menu”. Highlight TV Shows on the left and “Manage widgets” on the right.

You can then choose an alternative widget by choosing “Select widget” - there are recently added episodes widgets provided by Skin Helper Service and Library Data Provider - both should be available under ‘Default widgets’ if the scripts are installed (and, if not, the scripts can be installed from the ‘Get more…’ option visible under Default widgets), and both widget providers should provide options for customising whether watched episodes are shown or not.

Performance wise, a widget powered by a playlist - ‘episodes’ where ‘playcount’ is ‘less than’ ‘1’, sorted by date added and limited to however many you’d like to show, for example - might work better. Once the playlist has been created, you can select it as a widget from ‘Select widget’ > ‘Video Library >’ > ‘Playlist >’


Works great, thanks!

Works great too, thanks a lot !

A simple ‘Hide Watched Items’ option on the Recently Added widget would be great though :sadparrot:

Then you should take up the matter with the developer of the Recently Added widget.

I agree, it would be great but - as I said:

This ultimately comes down to the entire ethos of the widgets, where all widgets are provided by methods where we can simply give Kodi a path - be that a library node, a playlist or a plugin - and it fills the list for us without us having to manage the content of the widgets skin-side (with the single exception of weather, which simply can’t be done this way), and the requirement that the default skin doesn’t rely on (but can use if available) any plugins or add-ons that aren’t distributed with Kodi.

Within these requirements, the choices for the provider for the recently added widgets basically comes down to two options: the recently added library node (which we use), or including a playlist with the skin (which still wouldn’t have the choice). However, the nature of the skin means we use the Skin Shortcuts script when it’s available to make lots of other choices available if these default options don’t work for you.

Having said that, my suspicion - and it is just that, I’ve never tested it - is that if you chose ‘Hide watched’ from the left-side menu on any video library view, the next time the Recently Added widget updated on the home screen, it would honour that setting. Of course, you’d be hiding them when browsing your media too…

Already tried that, no luck.
I will certainly try your other suggestion with that playlist workaround.

Great skin btw @BobCrachett & co! :+1: