Hiding the OSD when paused

Hi. Is there a way I can pause the video and hide the on screen display? I’m using OSMC skin.

Settings->Interface->Skin->Configure skin->OSD->Display time of video OSD during pause

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nice! thanks, @joakim_s!

I’m trying to do the same thing but can’t find the setting. The skin I’m using appears to be called Estury.

Change the skin back to OSMC skin and you should be able to find the setting

Estuary in Kodi v19 added this auto hiding feature as well and that should have a stable release in OSMC very soon.

I never changed the skin and when I search for skins I don’t see OSMC

It’s the default skin pre-installed on every OSMC setup.

In case anyone is using another skin, like me, I had this question last month for the Aeon MQ skin.
With the video playing, press OK on remote, then click over to OSD menu item, press OK again, and then the last item in the settings list, ‘Furniture’ press OK 3x to get ‘Hidden Mode’ - each subsequent click removes more, and then resets at the 4th click.