HiDPI Windows installer

I’ve been trying to fix the reports of problems with the OSMC installer on HiDPI displays but so far I’m struggling to reproduce this.

On Windows 7 I’m running at 4K resolution and have set DPI to 150%, but I can still load the installer just fine. I’ve made some manifest changes but I’m not sure if this is helping.

Can anyone who’s been affected previously please try the latest installer from the Download page?



I have this problem. Windows 10, 4K display (Dell XPS 15), DPI 250%

This is what displays:

Thanks. Unfortunately I’m not sure how to resolve the issue


you could probably do as some other apps do, limit effect of dpi setting so even if user has 250 it only gets like 150 maximum or something like that. (adobe does it among others, how it works or if it can be used is beyond my knowledge)

I tried adjusting the manifest to fix this, but had no luck.