HifiBerry BEOCREATE 4 channel amp

Does OSMC support the Hifiberry Beocreate amp?

How to configure?

Thanks for support!

Did you follow their instructions?

While I would suggest to add dtoverlay=hifiberry-dac to /boot/config-user.txt so it survives the next update.
After a reboot you should see it in Settings - System - Audio

The Raspbian instructions most likely will also work but watch out for possible Port overlap.

Thanks for the hints!

I use also the Beocreate SW - so the DSP is loaded with a program.

I reinstalled OSMC just to be sure…

The trick was the dtoverlay=. OSMC uses the outdated dtoverlay=hifiberry-dac_overlay. I removed the _overlay" part and it started working.

Issue solved - thank you very much!

Yes, will be corrected in next version