HiFiBerry DAC+ ADC

This device is not working. What to do?


I’m a beginner, sure. The provider says: To support the DAC + ADC, a Raspberry Pi Linux kernel of at least version 4.18.12 is required.

I found that hard to believe, since Raspbian is still on 4.14, but it’s correct!


The use the input functionality of the DAC+ ADC, you will need to update the Linux kernel to at least version 4.18.12. The kernel currently used on Raspbian is still 4.14 (November 2018).

They propose that you download a kernel built by them but that’s probably a Raspbian kernel and is quite likely to give a few problems.

Perhaps @sam_nazarko can give an idea when the next kernel release (I assume 4.19) will be coming along.

I’m holding out for the next LTS.
Even then – I’d like to see a good reason to upgrade. Currently, there isn’t one. I don’t expect to move off 4.19 until at least mid 2019.

You should ask the vendor to submit a PR to backport functionality to rpi-4.14.y.