Hifiberry DAC+

I have a problem with my music player setup which uses RPI hifiberry DAC+ and OSMC.
When I first got the DAC, installation was simply a matter of going to “Audio output” in settings and selecting the device from the list. After a few months of trouble free use, there was a power surge/cut, which wiped the sd card, so I reinstalled osmc on a new card, but the DAC no was longer listed. I solved this by switching to the version of OSMC available from HiFiberry, and all was fine until a few days later when updates were offered, and so I installed them, only to find that the option of hifiberry DAC had again disappeared from the menu. I started again, and it’s now OK, but I would like to take advantage of the updates and can’t really do so because it might yet again remove the DAC from the audio output menu.
I have the device simply to listen to music and am not familiar with linux programming, but so far I’ve managed without command line work, I hope there’s a way if doing this which doesn’t get complicated. I’d be grateful for any help and suggestions.

Richard Murby