Hifiberry-dacplus not working with OSMC 2017.08-1

I use a HifiBerry DAC+Light connected to my Raspi3. Since last OSMC update (OSMC 2017.08-1 - Kodi 17.4), hifiberry-dacplus-overlay is not working anymore. It worked fine before the update.

I checked the Pi Configuration and I have “hifiberry-dacplus-overlay” configured (“Settings > System > Audio”). Then I rebooted Raspi.

In OSMC (Kodi), I then go to to configure Audio output device - but I do not have any DAC+ option available (only “HDMI, Analogue or HDMO and Analogue”)!? Why, what might cause this? How can I further analyze it?

I was so happy with OSMC and Raspi3 and HifiBerry DAC + Light so far.

Further try was to look at /boot/config.txt of Raspi directly. I found the aforementioned entries - the only difference to what is described in https://support.hifiberry.com/hc/en-us/articles/205377651-Configuring-Linux-4-x-or-higher is, that OSMC configured “dtoverlay=hifiberry-dacplus-overlay” (and not “dtoverlay=hifiberry-dacplus” as described in the hifiberry.com article). But I also tried with the “dtoverlay=hifiberry-dacplus” line, but this did not solve my problem.

Is this a OSMC bug? How can I further analyze it?

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Some logs might give some clues.

I just upgraded to 2017.08-1 and my DAC+ is still working fine.

That is fine and working

Upload logs via grab-logs -A

Uploaded logs are available at https://paste.osmc.tv/nihigulaxu

Is this the root cause (entries in System Journal)?
Sep 30 00:49:06 mediaR kernel: snd-rpi-hifiberry-dacplus soc:sound: ASoC: CODEC DAI pcm512x-hifi not registered - will retry
Sep 30 00:49:06 mediaR kernel: pcm512x 1-004d: Failed to reset device: -121
Sep 30 00:49:06 mediaR kernel: pcm512x: probe of 1-004d failed with error -121

And what does this mean?

Possible, is your Pi properly powered?
BTW, you are underclocking your Pi3. Set clocking to “Normal” in MyOSMC.

I changed the clocking to “Normal” - I was not aware that is was underclocked. Thank you for this hint.

But - this did not solve my DAC+ issue.

I use STONTRONICS Swichting Adapter, Output +5.1V, 2.5A - this should be far more then needed.

Is there a way how I can downgrade OSMC?


Only way is doing a backup and reinstall older image

I’d recommend reinstalling OSMC instead.
If there are issues with HifiBerry, I’d expect us to see more reports in the near future