HiFiBerry Digi+ & E-AC3 passthrough

Hi, unfortunately I am not able to say after which update (everything updated now), but in system settings I lost the checkbox for setting that my receiver is DD+ capable (only DD and DTS left) and the content I played before without problems containing audio stream in E-AC3 format is now played only through hdmi and not through the passthrough device.

Creating audio stream (codec id: 86057, channels: 6, sample rate: 48000, no pass-through)

in comparison, normal AC3 audio:

Creating audio stream (codec id: 86019, channels: 6, sample rate: 48000, pass-through)

There is a difference, when I select OMXplayer - even normal AC3 audio is not played through passthrough device

Thanks for any help!

i believe spdi can handle all DD & DTS signals as they are, but e-ac3 (DD+) can be to much data for spdi to support on its limited bandwidth.

That’s exactly right… S/PDIF can only passthrough DD and DTS. DD+ is only possible via HDMI. And that didn’t change due to an update, but has been that way ever since.

By that do you mean that there’s no audio delivered via S/PDIF when playing back files containing E-AC3 content or that S/PDIF just delivers AC3 and only HDMI delivers the E-AC3 audio stream?