Hifiberry Digi+ seems no longer to work after update to Kodi 15.2

Hi fellows,

I’m using OSMC for months now on my Raspberry Pi together with my hifiberry digi+.
They worked like a charm. Today I got an update notification for my osmc and I updated. Now system info says I’m running Kodi 15.2.

But my hifiberry seems no longer to work. Speakers are quiet, toslink connector doesn’t light up red.

Does anyone of you know what might have probably changed in the new version that causes the issue?

By the way: I’m not using HDMI output for video, but the svideo connector (that maybe explain the CEC errors in kodi.log).

attached you’ll find my dmesg and kodi.log

Thanks in advance and best regards,

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There’s a max size for a reason, post logs etc to a paste site such as paste.osmc.io and post a link here.

Seriously… Please do a search of the forum regarding Hifiberry DAC’s… This has been covered more than a dozen times in the last 2 wks…