HiFiBerry Digi+

I can’t really find anything recent on the HifiBerry in use only Alpha 4 so was wondering if it fully supports Dolby Digital & DTS pass through on OSMC/Kodi in the current release?

Current situation is I have a Pi B and a little box that splits the sound off the HDMI cable. It works but it’s a little messy with extra HDMI cables, a PSU for the box etc.

I want to upgrade to the Pi2 and was looking to get the Digi+ at the same time as it frees up a plug socket I want to use for something else and HDMI cable it frees up can also be used with the old Pi B on a different project I want.

Should be fine in RC3. You will need a fresh install, you cannot upgrade Alpha 4.


When I said Alpha 4 I meant I couldn’t only find previous conversations about HiFiBerry with Alpha4.
I’m on the latest RC of OSMC but I would build from scratch anyway :smile:


RC can handle HifiBerry just fine. It can be enabled via My OSMC -> Pi Config.


Hi Sam,
When you say that (OSMC) can handle HifiBerry, do you mean that all formats with multi channel are working fine ? (Dolby Digital, DTS, etc…)

I have not tested it myself, but I can’t anticipate any problems. It’s an ALSA soundcard, so audio will be decoded and sent over as PCM where necessary.



I would like to understand if using this hfiberry brings a better sound

I am using an onkyo amplifier with this card it will ne really better?

Better than what ? HDMI or Analog ?

At thé moment i a

m using the hdmi collection to the TV ans toslink collection from m’y TV to the onkyo ampli

Si m’y question if will have a better sound with this card?

Hi Guy

I am using OSMC with my raspberry model B. I am very happy with it.

I am a fan of music as well. Currently the raspberry is connected to my TV via HDMI and the TV is connected to my Onkyo ampli.

I am wondering if the hifiberry will improve a lot the sound If I purchase one card like that.

Can someone using this card give me some advice.

Thank you


HDMI should be just fine as a carrier for sound.


I bought the Hifiberry sound card and to be honest I can’t tell the difference between that and using a hdmi splitter, they both transferred DD and DTS to the amp, both sound good (to my ears).The upside is there are no extra wires, just the digi cable from the soundcard going to the amp, the downside is it can only be used with an amp (the hdmi splitter carried sound to the amp and the TV simultaneously).

I am also thinking of getting the hifiberry Digi+ for the Rpi2. From reading it looks like it will pass through DTS just fine to my amp using the optical out which is great news as my amp does not have hdmi inputs. Great work on OSMC by the way, we have it on all 4 Rpi2 distributed in our home.