High cpu temp as kodi runs 100%+ cpu


I’m experiencing an issue that kodi runs 100%+ cpu when my vero 4k+ is idle. This makes the pi very hot, cpu is 85C+. Could somebody please check this?


Would assume that it is coming from one of the banned addons that you have installed on your Vero (which is not to be discussed on this forum).

Quick check would be to disable the addon and see if CPU usage drops.

we cant even name which one is it? if that’s the case how will I know? do we have at least a “list”? also is this confirmed that the “banned” one causes the issue?

List is here

Well the likely hood is quite high as that addon is also designed to do something when the media center is idle and you see quite many entries from it in the logs.

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okay, thank you, i will remove that and keep checking it

i removed the plugin, but it is still the same.



If you disable the EPG on IPTV simple, do high Temps & loads persist?

Thanks Tom.