High CPU usage - Kodi - September update

I have cleanly installed the latest version of OSMC (2022.09-1) on my Raspberry Pi 3 B. I have nothing else installed just, OSMC, and Kodi uses the CPU between 41-52%, when it is in idle. The previous version of OSMC (2022.03-1) used 11% of CPU, when it was in idle, with all the stuff installed (Deluge, Plex, SMB, Webmin). Now the CPU is running on 80℃, previously around 56℃. Is there any fix to this problem? Thanks.

There might be if we know where the problem is. Is this a clean install without addons?
On my Pi3 with latest version Kodi is using 50% of one core of the the CPU, means 12.5% of the CPU so close to the 11% you wrote.
There was a jump in CPU usage but that came in August 2021 with the introduction of v19.

I just reinstalled the whole OSMC about 20 mins ago, without any addons. Just the OSMC image downloaded from the site. Nothing else. In my case, all cores are running between 30 and 70%, not just one.

So is it 50% of total CPU or 50% of one core?

Currently all cores are around 50%:

But in your screenshot Kodi only uses 27.4%? The issue seems coming from dbus, python and connmand?
Here is my top

This is just a snapshot from a certain moment. I can provide you screenshot, when Kodi is the winner. Plus dbus, connman and phyton is coming with the OSMC image itself and still do not know, how to solve the issue of the high CPU usage, even if we are talking about the others than Kodi. Thank you for your help in the investigation.

Well I am not saying they are not coming from OSMC but would need to figure out why they use so much CPU. For Kodi the high CPU is not unsual, means my suggestion is to focus on the others. How is your network assigned? Fixed IP or DHCP? Are you using Wifi or Ethernet? Maybe upload full logs grab-logs -A and share the URL maybe that can tell us something.

I have static IP, assigned on my router. The Pi is connected with Ethernet. All config is the same as before the 2022.09-1 update. Nothing has changed, just OSMC version. Here you can find the uploaded logs: https://paste.osmc.tv/qomeneguqe Thanks.

The log is full with Oct 10 11:00:35 osmc preseed[649]: DBusException Raised: net.connman.Error.OperationTimeout: Operation timeout which I assume is the issue of the high CPU usage.
Can you try a clean install with default config using DHCP?

MAN!!! You made my day!
The issue is not related to the static IP or DHCP. It was a human error (me):
When OSMC installer asked me how I wanted OSMC to connect to the internet, I thought it was related to the installer, about how I wanted to download the image. But this question is about the device, where I want to use OSMC. Until now I chose wireless, as my laptop is connected via Wifi, but now I chose wired and installed that way. And what a surprise, the CPU usage went back to normal. Thank you very much for your help! I really appreciate it!