High cpu usage


just got osmc setup on the Pi2. I used htop to check cpu usage, and for last 12 hours Kodi has been taking a constant 40% cpu...

I have my 2TB hdd plugged into my router, and I am using osmc to access my collection over samba. Could this be causing high cpu usage?


I assume you mean the 40% cpu is being used by kodi.bin ?

Does it drop if you reboot or does it go straight back to 40% ?

The two things in Kodi that are likely to use CPU when “idle” are addons performing activities in the background or Skin animations. Is there anything animating/moving on the screen, even scrolling text ? If so, 40% would be typical, and you might see about 20% with nothing on the screen moving.

Yes Kodi. bin, I will check whats happening on the screen. Thanks

Ok found the cause… id some how accidentally activated the debug logging (shows ram usage, etc in top left of screen)

Since switching that off, back down to 15% and less :slight_smile: