High CPU with FSTAB based SMB mounts

Thank you for giving me a chance to work on this issue via Skype.

The problem seems to stem from DLNA, either with Kodi’s implementation or the DLNA server you’re using on your computer. When Kodi exits, the connection doesn’t seem to terminate in an appropriate manner and this causes Kodi when it relaunches, to open hundreds of fds on DLNA. Because SMB via fstab will keep a permanent connection, this exacerbates the situation.

As you don’t seem to use DLNA on the Vero 4K; blocking access to the DLNA server will do the trick. I would recommend revisiting DLNA in the future however and using a different server.

Please let us know if the problem arises again (hopefully not) and if you have any other issues that you’d like us to look in to.