HLG still not working on iPlayer test loop

Good to note that the “LG: Cymatic Jazz” demo clip now plays a correctly in the March release - triggers HLG on my television.

However, the HLG test loop on iPlayer still plays in SDR, despite correctly triggering HLG when played in Kodi on other devices.

To access it, go into the iPlayer add-on, select UHD Trial Channels, then UHD Trial 5.

Logs: https://paste.osmc.tv/enomikuret

Have you tried downloading that stream and playing it locally?

If you can tell me how to do that, I’ll try it.

Unfortunately — I’ve no idea, and it probably breaks some rules in telling you how to permanently get content from iPlayer.

But my suspicion is that it will add-on related.

Maybe so, but the same clip played through the Kodi iPlayer add-on on my Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K Max triggers HLG correctly; so Kodi and that add-on are capable of playing it correctly, it’s just on the Vero that there are problems.

How do both clips fare with the newer video stack which is being demo’d in PM by comparison?

That clip is very old. The problem is it doesn’t indicate any HDR in the stream header, and doesn’t indicate HLG in each frame. Have you tried with more up to date material?

Update: I just discovered one commit that didn’t make it to the release build. That will solve the problem.

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