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I’m using the stock osmc skin on a Vero 4K. Is there any way for the home screen to show recently added rather than random movies?

I believe you can customise this with the Skin Shortcuts plugin


Have a look at Settings → Interface → Skin → Configure Skin → Home → Customize Home Menu. There you’ll find the Manage widgets option for each home screen entry. :+1:t2:

Just installed my new 4K+ and all looks great SAVE for the very same problem as mtenga.

I am on the “Manage Widgets” screen and when I click on the Select Widget I can select Default Widgets and get a “Getting directory listing” for quite a while from which I can select a “Playlists” from which there’s a list (Random TV shows, Random Album, Random Artists, Last watched TV shows, Random Movies and Recent TV Shows" but no “Recently Added Movies”.

What can I try ?

Thank you

Settings > Interface > Skin > Configure Skin > Home > Customize Home Menu > Manage widgets > Add > Select Widget > Video Library > Movies > Recently Added > Choose how you would like the title displayed > Done > Back all the way out to the home menu > With Movies highlighted press RIGHT > Then you can press UP or DOWN to go between Random Movies and Recently Added.


Thanks a lot.
Not very easy for the faint of heart but works well. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Many thanks for that. Only problem is when you reboot it goes back to random and you have to reselect recent via the arrows. Is there anyway of making recent the default startup screen?

Or perhaps you can just delete random via the settings?

You can delete any widget in the manage widget screen by selecting the widget you’d wish to remove on the left and select delete on the right.

The first widget on the left will be shown first when rebooting. So, you can also change the order of the widgets by using the arrow keys next to the widget entries on the left.

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Is that for the Estuary skin? I don’t see Home under Configure Skin

No, it’s for the OSMC skin

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I don’t believe you can edit the Estuary skin except for hiding home menu entries…