Home Screen enhancements: show movies and tv shows icons/pictures on home screen (before selecting (movies/tv shows) and moving into directory)

My vero 4k shows the movies and tv shows directly on the home screen but a recent install on rbp2 doesn’t. Any ideas, thanks. (I seem to have the same settings on both boxes)

The Movies and TV shows options do not show up until you have added sources and scraped items for those categories.

They are there added and scraped, just one click down. I have to select the Movies folder on home screen and then on the next screen they show up (with the return to previous screen I option first)

Are you using MySQL? You might have to reboot a second time after putting the advancedsettings.xml file in. Did you just copy over your userdata from your Vero? If so you probably need to ssh into your RPi and

systemctl stop mediacenter
rm ~/.kodi/userdata/guisettings.xml
systemctl start mediacenter

If it is not either of those two things we need more info on exactly how you setup this new machine.