Home Screen - My OSMC - protect overclock with passphrase


Kodi is running as Krypton 17.6, Feb. 07, OSMC MARCH 2018 2018.03-2, on a raspi 3.

Kodi is running with master profile enabled, settings are protected with a master passphrase. Clicking in the homescreen on “My OSMC” let a user change Overclock settings without entering the passphrase. I.e. “Updates” are protected.

Did I miss something?

Thank’s for any help.


MyOSMC is not recognized by Kodi as “settings”. Probably easiest to just remove MyOSMC from home screen.


thank you for your reply.

Do you have a hint for me where to investigate?


Settings-Interface-skin settings


thank you for your help.

As far as I can see, this affects the OSMC skin only. Have you got an idea how to change this on the estuary skin?


Exactly the same! You may simply just hide the entire “Programs” section from the home screen as I’m not sure there would be many “program” addons that would be necessary daily or in use as a general media player.

Most skins behave exactly the same as most others, the differences are simply visual, not in the function, behavior or setup.

No luck at all. In estuary there’s no entry for “My OSMC” to disable.

From https://kodi.wiki/view/Custom_home_items I see, there’s no simple way to modify the standard estuary skin.

This is now a question for Estuary developers as OSMC has no bearing on it’s config.

Still the question left over how the “My OSMC” entry has found it’s way in estuary standard main menu…

Estuary is patched to add My OSMC.
Can I ask why you’re trying to get rid of all the OSMC assets?

If you are commercialising / building a product, there’s an easier way. Build it from source, and you can pick only what is necessary.


You could try changing the skin to my osmc, settings, interface, skin, configure skin. Customise home menu. It will prompt you download an addon (shortcut editor (i think)), yes. Select My Osmc and delete, see if it has now gone from Estuary.

Thanks Tom.


It’s not that I want to get rid of the OSMC assets/skin. Personally and IMVHO I like the OSMC skin. But a lot of users prefer the estuary skin. For them it seems to be easier to use the mouse with this skin.

For me it’s not logical to use/enable the master profile which allows protecting/disabling features, but not one of the most important ones. I’d like to understand why it’s possible to protect “My OSMC” using the OSMC skin, and not in estuary. It would make sense to me either in both skins, or in no skin.

No - I don’t want to build a new product. There are just a lot of people out there, especially older ones, who’d like to use a simple, pre-configured opensource mediaplayer. They are really curious about i.e. internet streams. To make it clear, I’m talking only about legal sources. I.e. the mediathekview addon, the kodinerds sources for television, etc.

You may think about M$ Windows. Most older people need help to install/configure/use/update the OS. And to me it’s making sense to protect those ones for changing the most important settings from themselves.


thank you for your hint.

Why not just comment out the OSMC section in the Home.xml file of the Estuary skin?
Be mindful that this will be overwritten when the skin updates or OSMC has an update (I think).
The other option is to create a custom theme based on Estuary which excludes the bits you don’t want people to see. It’s easy to do, depending on how customised you want it.


What I’ve suggested should remove it from the home screen, it should still be available under programs.

Thanks Tom.


thank you for your reply. Your hint helped.



this is working for the OSMC skin. Unfortunately not (for me) in estuary.



Sorry not a skin developer, so not what sure whats going here.

@Chillbo & @JimKnopf any thoughts?

Thanks Tom.

No problem at all.

Personally I prefer the OSMC skin. And I really appreciate the work of all in here.

Thank’s a lot, first to be mentioned, sam_nazarko, and to all other developers/contributors.


That’s always good to hear! :slightly_smiling_face:

We’ll discuss this in the team… I’ll get back to you.