Hot Switching 4K/1080p HDMI EDID

Hi guys.

I have a question about being able to “hot-switch” the HDMI EDID, for lack of a better description. It requires some explanation of my setup. I run all of my devices inside a closet connected to an 8x8 Matrix HDMI Switcher KD8x8CSK. There are 4 TVs in the house that have long HDMI cables running to the closet and plug into the switcher.

Some of the TVs are 4K and some only 1080p. So, I have the switcher change the input EDID based on which TV or TVs are watching. For example, I have an Nvidia Shield that will automatically change adjust when the switcher applies a 4K or 1080p EDID.

However, when I try with the Vero it does not take. If I have the EDID set to 4K and start the Vero, the 4K TV will show they output fine. If I then set the EDID to 1080p that same TV will show the UI which is set to 1080p always but when I play a 4K movie the TV shows nothing. If I reboot the Vero it will then output the movie properly at 1080p since that is what the EDID is set for.

Is this something the Vero is simply not able to handle?


If you can wait a couple of days for the next upgrade, it will be able to handle this.

Thanks for the fast response @grahamh!

Wow, seriously? That is pretty good timing :). What is the feature called? Or is there a description of it somewhere?

It will re-read the EDID whenever there is an event on HDMI like hotplugging. I hope your switcher will generate the trigger to do that. I guess if the Shield does it, chances are it will work OK.

I am pretty sure it does based on how I see my devices behave when switching inputs/EDIDs.

Thats great news. Is the feature listed somewhere or can you tell me which release will have it exactly so I can look out for it?

The next one.

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You can test it now – but there’s one bug (restoring the framebuffer when Kodi exits) that needs to be dealt with.

If you are not familiar with SSH I suggest waiting for the next update which is not far off.


Thanks @sam_nazarko. I know SSH but I am not in that big of a rush and can wait the few days.

Appreciate the help.