Hotel Wifi

I’m trying to use OSMC as my ‘travelling media centre’ on an Rpi but I’ve hit issue #1

OSMC & my Pi connects to the Wifi, but as most Wifi’s in hotel require you to authenticate this isn’t possible.

I’ve seen 101 threads about web browsers but…

  • Is there anything in beta/alpha/someone elses work that I can try out just for the purposes of authenticating?
  • Any other suggestions on how to connect? Can I easily get to a terminal from OSMC and run a CURL command?

You could try

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Take additionally a small travel wifi router (smaller than the Pi and also powered via USB) with you. Connect it to the cable outlet in the room. Register to the hotel network via your phone and then you can use as many devices you want including the Pi


I highly recommend the following:

Even though it is a couple of years old, the promised functionality looks like something you’d read in a Kickstarter project - but, it does what they say it does and does it well.

I have the same challenge. Open wifi plus username and password on simple Web page to get a connection. This must be a common use case.

The Web Viewer addon should do the trick and it installs ok but I can’t figure out how to enter text. What buttons to use etc (help says enter button fills in a format but it just submits).

I’d ideally like to be able to complete the form via the Kore remote app as you can’t trust all remotes to work and I don’t want to lug around a keyboard.

OK… figured it out after posting my question. … it’s a matter of navigating to the form fields and pressing enter a few times.

Should work fine in these scenarios.