How are you using the Vero 4K?

I just purchased a Vero 4K after being a satisfied user of a Raspberry Pie 1 running OSMC; however, it had its drawbacks due to hardware that got to the point where I purchased the Vero 4K. It has been on and running since before OSMC came about from RaspXBMC with no problems.

Now I have the Vero 4K and it does what I want it to do and am pleased with the performance. However, I am at a loss as to what to do to use it to its full potential. Right now all I have it doing is playing video and music off of my NAS. Would love to hear what other users are doing with it.

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  • Streaming video and pictures off NAS
  • Live Cable TV with tvheadend and Fritz!Repeater Cable (Cable->IPTV)
  • Streaming (legal) online PVR recordings (YouTV).

Works very well, SD and 720p content from TV and PVR looks quite soft, though (compared to RPi3@1080p). Let’s see whether this can be optimized …

Airplaying my iTunes music whilst watching a photo slideshow.
Playing videos from USB connected hard drive onto my tv
Acting as a NAS so I can backup my PC
Playing YouTube videos

@moTG - went to the tvheadend site, definitely looks interesting. I am going to check it out, thanks for the idea

TVHeadend is included in App Store.

I host a mumble server for my friends (we do online gaming) as well as using it as a DDNS updater. Also use transmission so I can torrent while I sleep.

I don’t keep my PC on when I’m not using it because of power cost. The low power profile of the Vero makes it a good device for background tasks.

Apart from the obvious mediacenter use cases, I’ll see how it’ll handle streaming from my PC using moonlight. Streaming @4k might be too much though, given the poor quality of my LAN speed.

And I don’t know about you guys, but I’m eagerly waiting for Planet Earth II in glorious 4k coming out on March 28th, it’ll be amazing!

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