How can adjiust the volume in the music files (MP3)?

Hi, I’m new in OSMC. I installed the Raspberry PI 2 few days ago with OSMC and seems to work well.I also installede the MPEG2 license and I’ able to view the DVD w/o problem. But I have a problem with the Music Files.

1 - how can adjust the volume up/down
2 - The Open GL Spectrum does not start automatically when MP3 file start, it start after few minutes
3 - I have installed KODI Mixer 3.01 but after start, the display with the equalizer disappear

Follow is my System information

OSMC KODI 15.1 Aug 30 2015
Kodi Mixer 3.01

Thanks in advance for help


Sorry for mistakes

Some problems solved
Using the keyboard P8-P9 or “+” and “-” it’s possible to adjust the volume. Also in the Volume settings the volume and the amplfier volume must be set to 100%.
I don’t understand the ActionA reply. I have installed the OSMC and not XBMC, .Could you pls clarify thanks.

XBMC is now known as Kodi. OSMC provides Kodi for your use. AFAIK, the key map had not changed so I provided it for you to reference for finding volume control.

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OSMC is a Linux based Operating System that runs Kodi (formerly known as xbmc) as a media center

OK, I Understand. Sorry but I’m new in this matter


Hi, all is working well using the common keyboard control. Sorry for misunderstanding

Thank a lot for help