How can I copy the log url so I can post it to you?

There are clear help instructions for saving a log to a url but I cannot find out how to copy that url so I can post it to you. All I can do is select OK and then the info disappears. Why am I finding it so hard???

For the GUI you can only retype the URL into your post manually (no copy/paste).
If you want to use copy/paste you need to use command line and the command grab-logs

OK that makes sense by retyping. I thought I could highlight copy and paste.
Wil try that route now. If I use command line from ssh I have a suspicion I will get tons of old and unwanted data.
Many thanks.

Are you using SSH? Or are you just referring to the notification provided in the OSMC GUI when creating logs? I assume the latter, in which case, fzinken is right.

I was trying to use the OSMC GUI and fzinken explained how I had to type in url. All clear now thanks.