How can I easily get the video status of OSMC via network?


I would like to know how to get the status of osmc over the network. I want to start a specific action if there is a video running on my mediacenter. What query do I have to send and on which port? I would really appreciate help.


PS: Sorry, I didnt write much, but its the first time Im writing on a phone. Hard for me.


I’m assuming your after the kodi status, could ssh in (command-line)

Then issue the following command:

tail -f /home/osmc/.kodi/temp/kodi.log

If you need to more information you could enable debug logging, which can either be turned on via the advancesettings.xml or the gui.

Thanks Tom.

You would need to enable the webserver in Kodi and then you can use json queries.

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Thank you so much! Thats exactly what I was looking for.