How can i get screen mirroring on my pi 3A+


i am brand new to this whole raspberry pi thing and i wanted to be able to screen mirror on to my pi via an other device, is such a thing possible? or would i need a different operating system in general to do such a thing. i know that there is VNC but isn’t that just from the pi to the other device and not the other way around? any tips and tricks are welcomed!!!

note: my project and the main reason i got a pi is because i wanted to make a travel size screen that i could take to a party or something

If your trying to mirror the screen from your phone to the Pi I don’t know that there is any good solution that works well from any distro. If you wanted media on a Pi that you could cast wirelessly out to a smart TV or similar then you can do that with Kodi’s built in UPnP.