How can I identify the HDMI cable that came with Vero 4K+

I have no idea where I put the HDMI cable that came with the Vero 4K+
How can I identify it?
I have a box with many hdmi cables and I find it hard to figure out which ones supports HDR.

Unless you bought a 2M one, it will be 0.8M.

Ok, is there something written on the cable that can help me identify it?

I will check tomorrow.

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Hope that suffices to identify it.

Thanks a lot!

Thanks - that’s exactly what I’m looking for.

Looks like Ainsley beat me to it.


I actually had to replace the cable that came with my Vero with a better quality one in order to get HDR working reliably. I recommend getting something that is independently certified as “premium high-speed” - look for a barcode in the advertising image. (They’re not very expensive).