How can I restart cec service after running cec-client

Im running OMSC and Home Assistant on the same Raspberry Pi 3.
HA is in a docker container and it mostly plays nicely with Kodi/OSMC except for one issue.
In HA I have set up some commands to switch my freesat box on/off - this is achieved using cec-client, e.g

echo "standby 3" | cec-client -s 

The problem is, after running this command Kodi no longer responds to CEC commands.

If I SSH into the Rpi and run cec-client then CEC within Kodi starts working again.

Is there anyway I can prevent my commands fired by HA from stopping Kodi’s CEC functionality, or somehow run another command afterwards to start Kodi working again?

Or is there anyway I can get HA to ask Kodi to power on/off my freesat box via CEC (I see there are CEC options for kodi-send but it’s quite limited in what it can do)

You may need to stop Kodi for this