How can I stream from my RPi to a Smart TV without using an HDMI cable

I currently have my OSMC-RPi setting next to our “older” TV and am using an HDMI cable to get content to the TV. It is all working fine!!!

However, we now have a new “Smart TV” which we do not want to locate in the same room as the older one. I know I can stream content to my IPad or laptop wirelessly, but I can’t seem to figure out how to get content to the new TV using WiFi.

Can someone help? Our new TV is a Roku unit…RDK45

There is not an option to do straight casting of video. You might be able to use UPnP if your smart TV supports it but a better solution may be to share your content from your existing RPi and setup a second media player that accesses that.

Thanks. Can you explain a bit more on the UPnP idea or maybe a reference?

Getting another Pi by the new TV is not an option, my wife is not at all in favor of more “stuff” in that area…RDK45

Most smart tv has a built-in media player for usb access to media, but also(7 of 10 times) DLNA/UPnP. What you do is enable UPnP/DLNA on your osmc device and check if your media player finds it. Else check for an app for DLNA playing. If android based you could go the reverse way, installing a DLNA renderer app a play_to in Kodi. But either way you won’t have access to Kodi gui.

In Kodi there is a UPnP/DLNA section in settings>services where you can enable these services and allow your OSMC device to act as a media server. As for what you would need to do to get to a UPnP client on your TV that is a bit out of scope for this forum and I would suggest checking your user manual or doing general web searches for your type of TV.

The broad stroke is that UPnP/DLNA has a networking discovery protocol that allows devices to find each other automatically as well as a method to advertise and stream media from a server to a client. The client interface is normally a simple folder structure wherein you navigate categories (media type, genre, title, year, etc.). Also likely your only going to see a title and cover art for the library items. Your UPnP client might not support watched status which can be very annoying for series. In short it normally “just works” and is quick and easy to setup, but it leaves a lot to be desired IMO.