How: creating own interactive menu?

Hi there Vero/ OSMC-Experts,

Hope you are all well and enjoying your life as much as possible these days :grinning:.

Folks, what I am currently searching for is a possible solution path to create and implement kind of a menu page with some interactive text elements just like any BluRay or even DVD menu is capable of.

The simplest solution would be a nice background menu picture with some interactive text elements in the foreground. E.g. by navigating to the text “feature film” then pressing “ok” on the remote control should start a certain media file. All necessary files for creating that menu should be part of a general media files directory ideally on a USB stick to make it as versatile as a DVD or BluRay in order to carry it from one to another Vero or OSMC environment.

With Vero/ OSMC is this possible at all? Which technology/ scripting/ prerequisites are necessary? Or does there already exist kind of a tutorial I was not able to investigate?

I hope I was able to make my request clear. I look forward to hearing from you and am also curious about possible answers.

Yours faithfully

This might be a half-backed answer. But start looking at customize main menu in OSMC, there you can add widgets to menuitems, and those are a science of it’s own. Thanks to some smarter people, I finally maanged to get the latest watched channels as a widghet for PVR menu item.

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If you want an advanced menu like a physical disk you’re going to have to make an iso that has all the files and menus. If your wanting to have something that you can just carry from one Kodi client to another then modifying a skin or adding a add-on probably isn’t what you want either. The only sane way I can think for you to get close to this is to just make a file structure on external media that contains playlists or strm files and populate it with whatever artwork you want. In Kodi you just navigate in file mode to this drive you plugged in.