How do I add a video source

So, I’ve searched both the OSMC and the KODI archives and there doesn’t seems to be complete walkthrough on how to add an SMB source.

using the OSMC GUI

A lot of posts mention things like 'adding a network location" or editing the sources.xml file, but there isn’t a single step by step for doing this from the home page.

I think the way to do it is to go
Videos -> files -> “Add Videos…”
But then you get the esoteric “Browse <none>” page that just makes my brain hurt. I feel like I’ve been down this path so many times before and every time the steps are different.

it honestly seems to be a dark art.

Does someone have the complete steps ? and if so, how do you remove an existing source ?

(I upgraded from RASPBMC to OSMC today, but my sources.xml isn’t working, so i want to just scrub it and start again)

And if really, the best way to do this is to just hand edit the sources.xml file, then fine, so be it, i will assume the GUI is broken. But I’d like to know the correct format.

Step by step for doing it from the home page? Did you need a step by step to learn your Android or iPhone? Just start poking around.

Or if that doesn’t help, if it’s the OSMC skin confuses you, just change the skin to confluence and do a youtube search on adding sources, there are literally hundreds of examples…

Even if you did mess something up to the point it was unrepairable, a rebuild takes 10 mins…

Yeah, I’ve been doing that and not getting anywhere. Hence my question.

if ‘just poking around’ Is the answer then I guess the documentation needs some work.

Thanks, this mostly makes sense. But it is for a local source, not SMB.
it seems that the missing step is to “Add a network location” and go from there.

And yes, switching to the confluence skin DOES make a big difference. The OSMC skin doesn’t draw out the ‘browse’ step the right way.

Hmm, that says “…Setting the content back to (None) after previously having selected a scraper for a source, will prompt users if they want to remove the contents from the Library…”

Well that doesn’t make a lot of sense.

Again, you’d think this was something that someone would have thought to put in the WIKI docs. I guess it’s time to make an update.

I hope you not only guess but will help to make such updates if you consider them necesarry

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Welcome to open source. Would be great of you find deficiency to contribute to Kodi’s user editable wiki pages if you find them lacking. It takes a good deal of time for us to maintain OSMC, we don’t always have time to help Kodi with their documentation.

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The steps haven’t changed for years.
You don’t need to edit anything manually.
Just use the gui to delete or add, sources and network locations.

the onyl thing that may look different is the skin. As suggested, temporarily switch to the confluence skin and use the normal tutorials.

Feel free to contribute to the wiki and help the volunteer developer team out.

A 10 second websearch found this unofficial video:

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It’s the details on those exact steps that are missing from the wiki. Hence, I assume, all the youtube videos.

i just think it’s interesting that when these kinds of questions get asked, there are 2 kinds of answers:

  1. “go find youtube videos” which tells me that there are missing docs on the product website, hence the need to update the docs

  2. the developers/supports have “assumed knowledge” and that there are missing docs on the product website, hence the need to update the docs

Either way, yes I’ve spent the morning updating the docs on the wiki, now that i have the correct steps.

The xbmc/kodi youtube videos out there cover it all in detail. That’s how most others learned how to use kodi.
There are over 600,000 users of osmc+kodi for example, and there aren’t thousands of posts asking the question on how to add a video source.

The offical kodi docs are sometimes a bit more technical, but they truely cover everything, right down to advanced setttings hidden to the average user.

Keep in mind that Kodi runs on multiple OSes. The Kodi gui functions 99.99% the same for all of them.
(the skin the user uses, can make the screens look different but it’s all the same stuff)

In this case, Osmc is the underlying optimized operating system, Kodi is the main app that osmc is optimized to run.

osmc isn’t really a product in the way most people think of a product.
A product is something you pay for, a product has a paid support team.
A product has paid team that creates full documentation.

Kodi/xmbc documention is out there in large quantities, covered by Kodi Team and a bazillion others.
Osmc OS documention is covered by the OSMC team

Since this is a opensource project, and is created by a small team of volunteers that reply on users like yourself to help out as they can. Some people donate to help pay bills, some officially volunteer to help in the forum (like myself), others contribute to the wiki (like you). Opensource software is really not for people who want the same level of support as say, Windows 10. They have to bring something to the game.

I can agree that the docs need to be updated. I’m doing some of that myself right now.
Users of opensource software just can’t expect that someone else will make all the documentation for them, especially when it’s a topic that’s already been covered out there on web many times already.

That said, thanks very very much for adding to the wiki. We wish more people would help out and add to it. :smile:

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You wiki-fu is bad and you should feel bad.

LoL : That’s exactly the section that I added to make the page useful


:smiley: So you updated the kodi wiki ? not the osmc one ? Can’t find osmc wiki change if you did it here.

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this is a kodi documentation issue, so i updated that wiki.

since OSMC uses kodi, there is definitely a split brain problem. It doesn’t make sense to have the same docs in 2 places, OSMC should probably just have pointers to the kodi docs for UI level stuff.

Awesome Geoff thanks. I fully agree.

Can Anyone help me how can i add sftp video source

Like any other Video Source

Add Videos
Add network location
Select SSH/SFTP from the protocol menu
Complete other fields as required

unfortunately does not work with winscp is already

Not sure what you are trying to say here!
Try to clearly explain what you are trying to do and what is not working.

when I press OK do not see any folder<img src="/uploads/default/original

Same settings on OpenELEC and works

Enable debugging and upload logs after you try to add

[quote]09:32:58 43.406860 T:1615590384 ERROR: SFTPSession: Failed to connect ‘kex error : no match for method mac algo client->server: server [hmac-sha2-256,,hmac-sha2-512,,,], client [hmac-sha1]’
09:32:58 43.407303 T:1615590384 ERROR: SFTPSession: Not connected, can’t list directory ‘~/HD Movie 1/’
09:32:58 43.413940 T:1957556784 ERROR: GetDirectory - Error getting s Movie 1/
09:32:58 43.417374 T:1957556784 ERROR: CGUIMediaWindow::GetDirectory(s Movie 1/) failed
09:33:11 56.222214 T:1741419504 ERROR: SFTPSession: Not connected, can’t list directory ‘~/HD Movie 2/’
09:33:11 56.222630 T:1957556784 ERROR: GetDirectory - Error getting s Movie 2/
09:33:11 56.226265 T:1957556784 ERROR: CGUIMediaWindow::GetDirectory(s Movie 2/) failed
09:33:17 62.966015 T:1758196720 ERROR: SFTPSession: Not connected, can’t list directory ‘~/HD Movie 3/’
09:33:17 62.966469 T:1957556784 ERROR: GetDirectory - Error getting s Movie 3/
09:33:17 62.969673 T:1957556784 ERROR: CGUIMediaWindow::GetDirectory(s Movie 3/) failed
09:33:20 65.312294 T:1615590384 ERROR: SFTPSession: Not connected, can’t list directory ‘~/HD Movie 4/’
09:33:20 65.312599 T:1957556784 ERROR: GetDirectory - Error getting s Movie 4/
09:33:20 65.314903 T:1957556784 ERROR: CGUIMediaWindow::GetDirectory(s Movie 4/) failed
09:33:41 86.217239 T:1615590384 ERROR: SFTPSession: Not connected, can’t list directory ‘~/’
09:33:41 86.217690 T:1957556784 ERROR: GetDirectory - Error getting s
09:33:41 86.217873 T:1957556784 ERROR: CGUIDialogFileBrowser::GetDirectory(s failed
09:33:57 102.542305 T:1957556784 ERROR: SFTPSession: Not connected, can’t list directory ‘~/’
09:33:57 102.542648 T:1957556784 ERROR: GetDirectory - Error getting s