How do I change the password for MySQL (MariaDB)?

Hi there,

Running MySQL on my Vero - to share e.g. watched status on my other devices around the house.

It’s working great - however I would like to change my initial chosen password for MySQL.

I have tried changing it via Kodi - and My OSMC, Network, MySQL.
I can see my change is saved to the advancedsettings.xml file.

After that I have updated the advancedsettings.xml file on my other devices.

It doesn’t seem to work though.
Watched status is missing - and so are the setup for my videos, music and so on.

Changing the password back - and it works again.

What am I missing - and what do I need to do - to successfully change the password?

That only changes your “client” password.

To change the server password you have to login the command line connect to the server via mysql and the update the password of your osmc user assuming you created one otherwise the root password.
If you don’t know the details just google linux change msyql password.

Alright - thanks for clearing that up.

For others stumbling upon this thread - I did this.

  • Used Putty to SSH in to Vero.

Entered: sudo mysqladmin -u osmc -p password
Entered my old password
Entered new password
Confirmed new password.

Changed the advancedsettings.xml on my other devices - to match the new password.

Thx for the help.

Since you use PuTTY, that means you use Windows.

The best way to administer MySQL/MariaDB from Windows is HeidiSQL.


Thx for sharing that - looks interesting, so will definitely have a look at it :wink: