How do i connect to a windows 2019 server?

since i have the vero 4k, connecting to a network-device seems to be a big problem and is not easy for me and my family, who only wants a video-player-set-top-box - and not a linux-craft-corner. But this is a other story.
My Question: How do i connect from the Vero-Menu to a share on a windows-server 2019?
I activate Smb2 and deactivate smb1 on the server. i have “everyone” for the share (read-only during testtime). but all i see on the vero is “not permittet” and “no connection” (the vero have a dhcp-ip from the router that is in the same Network as the server). i try to open via "smb://<server-ip>/<share-name>/"

I just sucks!

Did you read this link?

Sorry, no. Iam only a consumer of a tv-box, not a linux-programmer.
I just want a menu to connect to my file-server. enter a IP-adress and ready. Maybe User/PW if needed.
Is there a software that can do that?
And all this information of the link is in english. so i need to run this via google and the translation of such tecnical stuff is very poor (and funny). i didnt got it. Theres some thing about filesystem. i dont want tro care about filesystem and drivers. this is way to much for a consumer.
would be nice to have some support in native language (german).
I guess ill buy a other box then. what can you recommend? Nvidia shield tv? is it easyser to connect with it?

I can not use folders for my movies, because i can not browse? did i got this right?

i manganged to add NFS to the windows-file-server. now i can see the server-ip as source in the file-selection-dialog, can see the share-anme, add it to the , but cant access.
i need more help, please. How to see the folder-tree below?

Kodi’s wiki may help you understand how this works…

but i do not have the kodi-gui. i have this vero-4k with this normal gui. theres no “browse”-possibility.
all i wanna do is add my windows-share and see the folders in there.
i have now SMB and NFS on the windows-server with “everyone” as user with read-only-rights.
all i get is a “no connection”(nfs) or “not permittet”(smb) id i try to add the share to the verobox.

The Vero is running Kodi just the same as if it was on Windows or any other OS. You likely are currently using the OSMC skin which looks different than Kodi’s default which is called Estuary. If it makes it easier to follow along with Kodi’s wiki then you can change it in settings>interface>skin.

As for why SMB is not working I would guess that perhaps your Windows machine isn’t configured to allow guest access. I would recommend making a new user on your Windows machine with a password and then make sure that user has file permissions for your media if using a NTFS formatted drive. When you add the source in Kodi you can either directly type in


or more ideally click on browse>add network location> and then enter just the computer name or IP address in the server name field (do not include a share name here) and your credentials in their respective places. Once you click OK you will then have the ability to just browse the shares on your PC without any additional typing.