How do I enable HDR?

Sorry for a probably dumb question. But what options do I need to change to enable HDR? My LG OLED can’t recognize the video being a HDR video.

And should I see some information on my Vero 4k+ when it’s playing a HDR video? Like it says it’s 4k and DTS-HD and so…


HDR should be sent automatically when you play HDR content. Your TV should show an HDR symbol when this happens.

Next month we will have further improvements for HDR (better picture quality etc)

The Vero doesn’t tell you explicitly when it’s sending an HDR signal. Maybe we should change that in the near future

Some infos:

Was the TV on when you powered on the Vero 4k+?
Mine doesn’t switch to 4k if i reboot the Vero 4k with the TV off (this is expected).

Do you have “adjust refresh rate” on in the system->player settings?

Please post a full debug log after you try playing a hdr video.

My LG TV shows a message saying HDR when it is showing HDR content. Double check your video is actually HDR.

Yes – it should appear in the top right corner, if memory serves.

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No symbol is showing when playing on the Vero. The video has HDR I think(Metadata says BT.2020 and 10 bits). But the symbol is showing when playing the file from the TV’s built in player.

Adjust refresh rate is set to ‘Always’

Where do I find the debug log?

Just came to my mind. Can it be the receiver(Yamaha RX-3020) that’s not capable of transfer HDR content to the TV? It says it supports 4k passthrough.

Well I be damned. Switched the Vero to the TV and it works. Guess the expensive receiver was not so ‘future proof’ as I was told.

Thanks for the reply guys.
Have a great weekend.

Do you still have issues playing through the AVR if you turn on both AVR and TV before turning on vero?

2012 Receiver? Probably not getting HDR with that.

I would also wait until new receivers get HDMI 2.1 before going out to buy one. This is probably the worst time to buy an HDR / DV / HLG receiver as the next product cycle should introduce 2.1.

Then again, if you aren’t super interested in future proofing, you could buy one now and it should complement the abilities of your current LG OLED. I assume it’s a x7 or x8 model, and not an x6 model?

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