How do I get Hyperion to play nice with my python script?

My Pi B is running RaspBMC to drive a WS2801 LED strip all with a 15A power supply. Everything is working well. I can use hyperion’s pre-programmed lighting effects to drive this 5 meter strip perfectly with any effect. I’ve also modified python scripts from RaspberryPI_WS2801_Bridge (RaspberryPI_WS2801_Bridge/software at master · hackerspaceshop/RaspberryPI_WS2801_Bridge · GitHub) to make my own lighting effects.

I’d like to drive half my LED strip with one of hyperion’s lighting effects, but then drive the other half with my own python script’s lighting effect. But there seems to be a conflict where as my python scripts “updates” to the next step in my effect, all the LEDs under the control of hyperion flicker. The LED strips under the control of hyperion continue to behave as they should so the disruption is minor (but annoying).

I suspect this has something to do with both trying to drive the SPI bus? Is there anyway for me too coordinate them both so they play nice? Could I modify my python script to see what hyperion wants it’s LEDs to do at a moment in time, and then take that into account as my python script updates?

Any advice is appreciated.


Is there some more information I can provide that’d encourage someone to take a stab at this and reply?