How do I get RetroPI option on main menu?

I can’t figure out how to get that script to work that has a link that loads RetroPI then allows me to exit RetroPI back to OSMC. If I do emulationstation command via ssh it works fine. I want an option below Power to show up or somewhere in the main main menu thingy, I’m new to OSMC/Pi.

(The following is true for the default OSMC skin - for Estuary and other skins, you’ll need to reach out to their developers/users for specifics.)

‘Settings’ > ‘Interface’ > ‘Skin’ > ’ - Configure skin’ to bring up the skin settings, then ensure ‘Home’ is selected on the left. If you see ‘Enable menu customisation’ on the right then select it and follow the prompts to install the Skin Shortcuts script, otherwise go straight to ‘Customise main menu’.

You can then add a new menu item with ‘Add’ at the bottom of the screen, and re-order items with the arrows on the left.

To actually run RetroPi you’ll need to type in a custom action for your new menu item. ‘Change action’ > ‘Custom action >’ (the last item in the list). The action you’ll want will vary depending on exactly what you’re launching and how (sorry, I’m not familiar with RetroPi). If it’s a python script then


If it’s launched via a single command then something of the lines of


(or possibly System.ExecWait - which waits for the command to finish).

A list of the built-in functions that can be used for a custom action is here.

This is covered in the first post of the retrosmc thread.
If you don’t use the osmc skin, I don’t know.

I added System.Exec(/home/osmc/RetroPie/scripts/ as an action last item and clicking on it does nothing. Also installing the launcher that icon does nothing either. I can launch emulationstation via ssh though so everything seems installed.



Do I have to have that launcher item in programs enabled?

You don’t need to have it enabled of you have manually added a shortcut.
But it won’t hurt if you do.