How do I get video add-ons?

Hi everyone, first time caller here with a question about add-ons. A bit of background so you understand why I am perplexed; I’ve been using Debian for over a decade as my everything system (I do have one Win 10 Pro laptop just because). I’m actually prepping for both the Linux Foundation admin and engineer tests this summer, so I know without doubt when I find the answer I will go stand in the rain for an hour as penance, but I can not get/see a list of anything when I go to video add-ons. I’ve re-installed OSMC twice on a Raspberry Pi 2 including reformatting the SD card and writing a fresh image to it. I am currently ssh’d into the Pi and just hanging out in the filesystem. I am on and configured for a wired connection and have done an update so I know I have connectivity. I am sitting here looking at that arrow under the horiz. line and there are two little dots sitting to the right, doing nothing. I’ve read every wiki page I could find that mentioned anything close as well as searched the forum…it’s entirely possible I missed the answer (ADHD makes searches fun) but I’ve given it the old college try and still it eludes me, which means it is easy, obvious and immediately in front of me but I’m willing to take some ridicule. Every video I’ve watched shows precisely the steps I took and then a list of available add-ons. I’d settle for Youtube at the moment. I don’t yet have codec keys, but nothing I’ve seen or read indicated that would be a barrier. If anyone has any suggestions or comments, helpful OR hilarious, after reading this book, I am all eyes.

EDIT: Seems something is happening as I am now getting some movement from repositories, specifically Kodi, so I’ll hang on and see what happens. Sometimes I find if I just push buttons continuously like a monkey after a grape things happen.

Postscript Edit: Things are as they should be. I realized what happened is that the button to choose add video was actually those two tiny dots and when I put the cursor direction on top of them and selected, viola I was where I wanted to be.

PPS Edit: For those of you who know Linux well and are familiar with the command line, I now know why I kept looking at those two dots… “cd …” .


What addons are you referring to? The addons do other stuff in Kodi, or the OSMC system addons?