How do I make an emulator work with a different controller?

I have a Xbox controller connected and working fine. My rom library is connected fine. “Snes9x” is enabled, but when I try to start one it fails, looks like because it only looks for snes controllers? How do I make it work with the default controller?

You need to install that controller profiles (you find them under dependencies. And then you need to map every xbox key to the respective controller key. There is a menu point for that

The controller is working fine as “default controller”.

The issue is that the emulator won’t work with it, it won’t even start, the controller I’m using isn’t a “dependancy” for the emulator. How do I make it one?

Read again what I wrote, the SNES controller profile is a dependency of the SNES Emulator. Therefore it would start with out. Go to Myaddons and Games emulators and then SNES than you see the dependencies

Yeah, I still don’t understand what you’re saying.

You can’t change the snes controller profile as far as I can see. I need to add the “default controller” in as a dependacy for the emulator, I assume? The emulator won’t start, presumably because there’s no snes controller connected.

In short, the SNES controller profil is a mapping of your xbox controller to workout which keys on your controller is used in the snes emulator.

Go Settings->System-Input-Configure attached controllers, there you should see the Snes controller, where you can map the “emulatated controller” to button s on your real controller

Did that. When I try and open a rom I still get “add on is incomplete due to unmet dependancies” and a list of the snes game controllers under that message

yeah snes needs i think 3 or 4 controller profiles all listed in dependencies, but i’ll help you:

Snes controller, SNES mouse, Super multitap, Superscope, Konami Justifier (SNES)

Easiest solution is to install all profiles, then you wont have an issue when installing another emulator.

All of those are already installed and enabled and listed as depencies by default in the new version of osmc, including the emulator itself (just had to enable it)

Apologies I stand corrected, some of them weren’t installed, like the light gun and stuff, maybe working now

Thanks for the help. It works now but FYI for anyone reading this thread, performance isn’t usable for snes games on the Vero 4k, IMO

Please don’t distribute wrong information. SNES games are working fine on Vero4k and RPi3

What do you mean wrong information? I disagree. It “works”, but the framerate isn’t high enough to be acceptable, IMO of course.