How do I operate it safely to remove the USB drive in the OSMC

I am a RPi2 and OSMC user.
Recently, I insert the USB device to RPi2 and play MP4, when I finished playing, I can not find a safely unmount USB device option.
I had try to search for relevant articles in the forum, for example:

But it does not solve this problem.
I found it will automatically mount USB device in the OSMC, but there is no option to unmount.
Is there any way can unmount USB device and not use SSH mode ?

My system environment:
Raspberry Pi 2 B
OSMC 2016.06-2 version installed in 32GB SD card
EDiMAX Wi-Fi Nano USB Adapter
Kodi Remote APP (iOS)

Should be an Eject or Unmount option in the context menu

Hi Sam,

Thank you for your reply.

I try to find unmount option in the all OSMC page, like Picture, Vedio, Music…etc., but I can not.
Can you find this option and screenshots to me please.

Hi ActionA,

Thank you for your reply.

I successfully unmount the USB device.
I finally know why I can not find this option.
The reason is the difference of language translation.
Can I modify the language translation by my self ?