How do I perform a screen shot


I’m new to Vero 4K+ and I’m having issues with getting my AVR to see an ATMOS audio stream. I wanted to be sure I had the right settings in Vero and discovered I could save screen shots of my settings. However, I’ve been unable to find out how a perform a screen shot - what’s the magic button(s) on the remote to do this?

Just bye and bye, when I’m playing an ATMOS movie or Dolby demo clip the Vero reports the audio stream as Dolby TrueHD (no mention of ATMOS) - is this to be expected?

TIA - Peter

Plug in a USB keyboard and Ctrl-S IIRC.

Yes. Kodi can’t distinguish 3D audio. That’s left to your AVR to do.

In addition to Ctrl+S as @grahamh said, the PrintScreen key will also do the job.

For a remote, you can use the Keymap Editor add-on to have a remote button make a screenshot.

Don’t forget

kodi-send --action="TakeScreenShot"


Thanks for the info - on the right track now…

Cheers, Peter