How do I play MP3 players from USB


my teacher gave me some mp3 files from carribean of the ocean on a usb plugged into a rasperry pi model B, and I should try to get it play the music through OSMC. Now Ive been trying to find a solution through all of these posts and none helped. When I try to play it it just skips through all of the files but no sound comes out and the timer of each sound stays at 0 seconds. Can someone help me please.

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Can you play these files in a desktop computer, from the same usb-drive? They could be corrupted or a not-normal format, Kodi’s playback ability when it comes to digital media is good, but not infallible.

So test the same files in windows/mac, and if they all work, we can take the next step to identify why OSMC has a hard time with them. But personally I do believe that the files might be corrupted or in a “special” format.

How exactly are you trying to play these files? If your trying to do it in the “videos” section you might be hitting other files as by default that section will not play mp3’s. If you are doing it through the music section of Kodi then perhaps there is something a bit off about these files and you could try using videoplayer instead of paplayer (the default player for music). To do this you can go to settings > file manager and navigate to your files and then context menu > play using… > videoplayer.