How do I record the current program?

I’ve managed to get OSMC installed on a raspberry pi and have got Live TV working. Is there a way to record the current program while watching it? I’m looking for functionality like a standard PVR where I just hit the record button and it will just start recording.

I can get it to record by going back to the channel guide, choosing info and hitting record in the menu that appears. Is there a way to replicate this with a single key press while watching the channel?


I assume “K” could be the direction based on this.

Hitting ‘K’ brings up a list of the programs currently being recorded.

Is there no record button available when pressing select to bring up the On-screen display?

I didn’t know about the on screen display, I checked and yes it is there. I’d still really like to be able to just hit a record button though. I’m trying to set something up for the lounge room tv and it needs to be something that doesn’t make my wife angry when she tries to use it. Hitting a record button on the remote and having nothing happen is guaranteed frustration.

I’ve discovered /usr/share/kodi/system/keymaps/keyboard.xml.

Record is mapped to Ctrl+R by default. That’s all I needed to know. Thanks for the help folks.